Wi-Fi Bridge (Omnia)


Remote access allows you to fully benefit from the use of the Schlage Omnia™ and Schlage eGO™ Smart Locks. Simply pair your lock with the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (BZ100) to access and program anytime. The Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge provides real-time connectivity with the Schlage Omnia™ or Schlage eGO™ Smart Lock, so you can access them even from work or when away on holiday. Manage access codes for guests, receive notifications when your lock has been accessed or tampered with from wherever you are connected. Note that mobile or Wi-Fi data will be required to connect to your lock remotely.

Collection Electronic Lock ?

Function Wi-Fi Bridge ?

Warranty ?

  • With the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge, you can receive lock notifications, wherever you may be
  • Works with the Schlage Breeze App
  • Manage access for guests from the Schlage Breeze App when you're not at home
  • Program access codes for temporary or recurring visitors
  • Send virtual keys through the Schlage Breeze App via text message to guests
  • Application: Internal

About the collection

The Schlage digital lock collection offers safety, simplicity, and style. Modernise your front door with our range of Schlage digital locks that suit any home design, and offers you the convenience of keyless living, and smarter access and control.

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A-Z Glossary

Having trouble telling a difference between a latch and a strike plate? With the right support, the world of door hardware can be easy! Read our glossary to get a better grasp of the key industry terms.


Caring for your door hardware 


Door hardware is easy to clean. Give your levers and knobs, including roses and plates, a gentle wipe every two months with a soft, damp cloth. A solution of soap and water could also be used to remove dirt from knobs, roses, but make sure the liquid doesn’t go into cylinders. Avoid using acidic or abrasive substances which may contain solvents, i.e. cleaning products, as they may cause a deterioration of the finish.

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A bucket of soapy water
Use soapy water
A bucket of soapy water
Use a soft damp cloth


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